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You probably already know that the only way to install java games on your MPx220 is to connect to the internet ON YOUR PHONE and install the JAD file from the website on your phone. Some people don't have a data plan though and can't afford to do that. There is a solution. All you need is an Activesync connection with your computer. Then

If Activesync has this option on your PC:
  • In ActiveSync, click on Tools -> Options... -> Rules
  • When you see the Pass Through section, set the connection to The Internet.
Do that, then do this on your Phone, If Active sync doesn't have that option you just need to do this on your phone:
  • Connect the phone to the PC via ActiveSync.
  • Go into Settings -> Data Connections
  • Under Internet Connection, change the setting to: "Pass through connection" (this pick is not available if the phone isn't connected to the PC via ActiveSync).
  • Save this setting and launch IE
  • In IE, make the menu selections Options -> Connections
  • Set on "Automatically detect settings" and under Select network, pick "The Internet"
Now you can connect to the internet on your phone for free BUT ONLY WHEN YOUR PHONE IS CONNECTED TO YOUR PC. Have fun!