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Motorola MPx220

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Games and Applications
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Here are a few links to get some games/utilities (some aren't free but a lot are) (doesn't have any game specifaclly made for the MPx220 but has some that will work if you go to Pocket PC and the Windows Mobile 2003 just make sure the game description doesn't say "Pocket PC" in it or it won't work [unless it says smartphone too] {Java games will work too but you have to download it directly from your phone}) (Download-Smartphone-Freeware Section)

If you have anymore links to websites where you can download games/apps or have a specific download you like just use the feedback forms to let me know. Thanks!
Here are some reviews on some software I have tried out.
Smartphone Find
I just installed Smartphone find. It was very easy to do and to enter the registration number. Here are some screenshots: You can get a free trial at Basically what it does is search through all your files like, programs; contacts; music etc. It is pretty handy.

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Code Wallet Pro
This is a nice app I had to download the CAB file instead of the exe file. Now I can enter the registration code! Yay! You can get a free trial at:

for the MPx220 go to the bottom of the page and download

CodeWallet Pro 2006
for Windows Mobile 2003 / 2003 Second Edition
Pocket PC / Smartphone


CodeWallet Pro 2006 CAB Files for Windows Mobile

even though it says

If you are viewing this page from your Desktop PC, please download the setup program above.

It is easier with the CAB file.

Anyway, you can do a LOT with this program it can store all of your bank accounts, credit cards, it can store your library card info, and even insurance and warrenty info!

Here is everything it can store for you it's 6 pages of stuff!!!

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
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Automatic Keylock
     I found this app while browsing MGN and I really like it, I personally don't use it for the keylock, but it comes with a screensaver option that I like, as it will stay on even after closing and opening the phone back up. This is what my screensaver looks like, but you can change the colors and options on it. You can have it only show time, or show only Date and Time, show only Battery, Signal, Show tempeature, you can also have a lot more choices and you can choose the size of each option. You should try it. You can get it here and choose "Automatic Keylock (WM2003)" or here is the direct download: Click for direct download

Image Hosted by


Check it out. It is much more capable than Windows Media Player as it can play a lot more filetypes, including MPEG and Different Audio/Video Files.

You may have to change registry key
From whatever it is to 96 if it stops playing after about 10 seconds of having another program running or just having TCPMP in the background. It is easy to do and works.

I just downloaded a program called AvantGo to my phone. It is really nice for us who don't have data plans for our phones. It will sync with your computer to add websites of news and other things to your phone without having to be online with your phone! You can add any website you want, but there is a limit to how many.

Try it out at

Fizz Monitor
I finally go around to installing Fizz Monitor on my phone, it is one of the programs I got from MGN. It is pretty cool. It tells about your battery life, memory etc. and also works as a task manager. I like it. And if you don't want to subscribe to MGN, it is only 4 bucks!