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Motorola MPx220

GPRS and MMS Settings
GPRS and MMS Settings
MPx220 Case
Registry Editing
Updating your MPx220 ROM
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Games and Applications
Asian ROM Fixes

Cingular (Orange)

If you have an asian ROM or Generic ROM without the Cingular GPRS or MMS Settings and you want them, just download this, and unzip it then drag the CAB file in the unzipped folder to Storage\Windows\Start Menu\Accesories and open it up on your phone... ALL of the Cingular GPRS/MMS settings are now on your phone!

T-Mobile T-Zones

The attached zip file contains two CABs that will set up your T-Zones GPRS (WAP) and Proxy. Unzip the file on your PC and install the two CAB files to your phone. On your phones Internet Explorer set Connections to "Menu" > "Options" to uncheck "Auto detect "and set "Select Network" to WAP. This was tested with a WM5 phone and should work with previous WM 2002 and 2003 phones.