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Motorola MPx220

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Registry Editing
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Registry Editing is changing "hidden settings" on your phone. There are many programs to change the registry with. The on I use is PHM Registry Editor, which can be downloaded HERE. Screenshots on how to install it are HERE.

Thanks To Bigdooky over to Surreal Networks as I didn't want to type all of these out myself! Hehehe :-)

Backlight Tweak
"CMCS_SLCDTimeout” (for the main Screen)
“CMCS_KEYLEDTimeout” (for the keys)
Change it to “20000” for 20 seconds.

LCD Logo
Change it to “0” for no logo.

Call History Size
Change it to “500” for 500 numbers.

Profile Names
If you want to change the Headset profile name for example go to:
There add the following strings “Name” and “EditName”
the values of these strings should be the name wanted.

Change Sounds
Go to the following path:
There choose the key you want and then change the “Sound” string.
If you want to disable a sound, change its value to “*none*”.

Bluetooth Name
The value of the string should be the name wanted.

Deleted SMS number
Change the value to the number wanted.

Most Recently Used apps (MRU)
To define the initial shortcuts to be displayed in the MRU list
when the phone is booted, use this registry key:

Start Menu Order
Set the order for Shortcuts in the Start Menu
(Limit of 16 Shortcuts for this)

Enable Clear Type Font
Change the value to “1” to turn it on.

Change the reverse order of addresses in Contacts (asian rom):
Change from 2052 to 1033.

Enable OBEX
Change the value to “1”.

Find your Sim’s IMSI
The number of the value is the IMSI.

Hide the emergency number in contacts (asian rom)
Change the value to “0” and delete the contact.

have also found that there is a list that contains these emergency numbers located here


Turn on the GPRS Available icon in the icon bar:
Change the value to “0”.

Change your operator name
There add a string value named with your network number.
Then change the value to the name preferred.

Better Memory Management
Change the value to “70”

Change the phones Start Up and Shut Down screen images:
[HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Splash Screen\]
There are 3 keys: CarrierBitmap, CarrierShutdownBitmap, MSBitmap
The Value in each strign is the path fo the image you want to use.

Change the Gamma
"Gamma Value"
The default value is “2000”
TIP: make small changes…

Font tweaks




Font Name ex. “Nina”


It is about the width if you want to grow them a little change it to “500”.

Turn off the Camera Shutter Sound
“Shutter sound”
To turn it off change the value to “0”.

Define special keys on the MPx220

The following will allow you to define what application that a few of the buttons
on the phone will launch. The value of the strings should be the new application pathe.

The Camera button (on the side)

The Home key (by default launches IE)

The Volume up button (by default launches the Voice Recognition App)


Start up and Shutdown Sounds
You can put in the full path name for files in other directories,
but files must not be under directories with spaces in their path.
(ex. value: "\Storage\Application Data\Sounds" may not work)

”on” = 1
”Sound” = MOTO_Startup.wav
”on” = 1
”Sound” = MOTO_Powerdown.wav

Taking too long to shut down or power cycle your phone

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Splash Screen Set CarrierShutdownTimeout and MSShutdownTimeout to 100.

Enable manual network change

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\RIL] "EnableManual" = "0" Change to 1 to allow

Windows Media Player size

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Media Player\Video] "Fit Width"=Value data:1 ( Change it to Value data:0

Custom SMS/E-Mail/IM/Voicemail Alerts

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\Notification Change the Directory String from "\Windows" to "\Storage\Application Data\Sounds" Now you can save your custom alert sounds in the directory located in "\Storage\Application Data\Sounds" The sound file for alerts must be wav format. After you've placed the files in the directory then select them for each alert by opening "Settings>Sounds"

Enable BT connection to full-fledged GPS, such as Smartphone CoPilot LIVE or Mapopolis

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ControlPanel/Bluetooth Change the two values to '1'. Then delete any Bluetooth paired items on your Smartphone and re-pair your BT GPS receiver. Lastly set COM6 port (4800 baud) in Mapopolis and it should connect to satellites

changing the font size

1. Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FontLink\SystemLink" and delete all keys and values there EXCEPT "Default & nina".

2. Edit the "nina" string value to: "\Storage\windows\Fonts\Thick.ttf,Thick"

3, Go to "HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT" and add a "key" and name it "FontPath".

4. Leave the "default" as it is of the newly created key and add a "string" value called "FontPath"

5. Edit the string value to read: \Storage\windows\Fonts

6. Close the registry editor

7. Using active sync, go to \windows directory and copy the "ninab.ttf" font file from the MAIN windows directory and copy it to your PC. Then rename it "Thick.ttf" and copy it back to \Storage\windows\Fonts

8. Reboot!!!

that didnt work for me although it seems to work for some people. so here is how i got it to work for me

1 ok here goes first , go to explore on the active sync go to windows and find the n i n a b. ttf

2 now copy that file to the font folder and thats at storage \ windows \ fonts.

3 you can close all that and open up your registry editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft

4 higlight microsoft and right click on it you will get a small pop up menu at the very top of this menu you have create a new key click on that

5 you will get a new pop up window , in the sub key type in FontPath and hit save

6 now go to this new registry key you just made and click on it on the right hand side you have a sub menu highlight it and right obove it there is a litle square with ab in it click on that , and you will get a menu pop up that says new value string

7 go down to value name and type in FontPath, under that it says value data type in the adress of the font which should be \Storage\windows\Fonts hit save and close the registry editor

8 now just turn your phone off and back on

to increase the volume (doesn’t work on asian roms)

Just change your current settings to ones mentioned below...







This tweak improves the mpx220's camera quality.

2. Set Contrast value 5 and Brightness value 3
then some values must be adding if there are values then just change it.
3. from menu command new value and pushing dword value name is Saturation value data is 3
4. from menu command new value and pushing dword value name is Hue value data is 5
5. from menu command new value and pushing dword value name is Sharpness value data is 3
6. restart your phone

Do you have edits not listed?

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